Saturday, 22 November 2014

This and That

The good thing about a blog is it doesn't have to follow post to post. One thing one week, another next time and no one minds at all. Saying that I will just say that all small people are very happy now Daddy is home again and have been having a lovely weekend so far.
SO what's new?
This 'Izzy' is one I ran up yesterday. Someone was very excited by it this morning and wanted it on over her pyjamas before we were up and about properly. The fabric was from Lisa's in Rheda, near Gutersloh in Germany. It's almost the last of my German stash which makes me a bit sad. We will just have to go back and visit for a fabric top up.
We are still waiting for our living room furniture to arrive hence the dinning chairs in the living room. It's now coming on the 3rd December. I am looking forward to sitting on real settees rather than hard chairs and bean bags. It's going to be like Christmas come early for us as we have been waiting since August when we moved in.
Not much more to tell today. I have made some new clothes but I need to get the camera out when I am in them and then I can share a few pictures.
How's your weekend going?

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  1. Thanks for popping over to mine earlier today and for your lovely comments.
    I love your sewing probably as much as it's new owner does. :-)
    Annie x


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