Friday, 23 May 2014

Polka Dots and Pinnys

I was feeling a little creative yesterday so I thought I would do a spot of making.
We started with chocolate fairy cakes which the children devoured before I had a chance to think about icing. Then I cut and and stitched two nappy covers for summer but I need to get the elastic. I made three for my daughter a while back but have since realised I need more. I followed this up with a bib for a soon to be born bundle of joy who I thought couldn't live with out a fleecy Hungry Caterpillar bib.
But to finish my spur of enthusiasm I made this rather cute skirted half apron. It's for a friend who said she needed a new apron with a full skirt. I made it up as I went along which seems to suit my method of sewing well. I am really pleased with it though in hindsight I should have lined the pocket up with the polka dots on the apron itself. And luckily she is too.

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