Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A sad day for all.

Today was an especially sad day for the Army Air Corps 'family'. It's a fairly small unit and I think it's fair to say that if you haven't met someone yourself one of your colleagues probably will have.
Tucking your children up without Daddy there to say goodnight is never an easy thing to do especially when they are young and don't really understand time. Later means anything from 10 mins to 3 weeks. Yesterday is something that happened in the past. But tonight as I tucked them up alone I was thankful that their Daddy is coming home. That he will be back to kiss them all goodnight in due course. It wont be tomorrow, or that day when we can have a movie night when we don't go to pre-school but none the less he is coming home.
My heart goes out to the families who today saw their loved ones coming home for the last time. 
Please be thankful all of you for what you have and take a moment to think of those who are not so lucky.

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  1. A very poignant post, thanks for sharing and enjoy your precious time together x


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