Sunday, 19 August 2012

Home. . .

Is where the heart is.

It has been ridiculously hot today temperatures have been over 40 and it has left us all a little frazzled.
So I wanted something quiet and not to hot to do. I decided I was going to complete one of the projects that has been waiting to be done for sometime through sheer 'it's easy it can wait' ness. 
These pretty hearts were sent out to me by a good friend after we moved to Germany from the UK. The letters were left over from a scrap booking session and the ribbon was salvaged  from a beautifully wrapped present my son was given for his birthday. 
I have been meaning to make this 'bunting' since I was sent the hearts. I have had two of the photos put aside especially and been keeping an eye out for others to add. 
We have with parents and a special friends little boy at our wedding, good friends wedding, graduation, great nanny and no1 son as a baby, good friends at our wedding and the mother in law at her wedding to step dad with other great nan. 
It fills up the space above my kitchen sink brilliantly as we have a very high ceiling and quite a low window.
So that was my hot afternoon. What have you been up to?


  1. That is a fantastic idea and very creative :) I cant believe the temp was 40 where you are!!! I cant stand the heat and when this weekend hit around 32 degrees in the UK I completely flaked out, and it puts me in a rotten mood! I just wonder if you miss the UK? xx

    1. I miss bits of it. Our close friends. Having my Mum and Dad an hr away. Knowing what I am buying in the supermarket!
      It's odd. I love being here and we are all quite happy and enjoying it but there are times when I do miss being back home.
      If we didn't have the family ties or such good friends we missed I don't think we would miss it at all though. Xx


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