Sunday, 27 February 2011

Falling Behind. . .

I have been trying to blog once a week and tonight is the end of the week!
I have also been trying to take part in the 'A Make A Month' but have nothing to show for it yet this month. Uh oh the month ends tomorrow. I wasn't sure if cooking counted as this month we made fudge.
There was another pic of the 'turning' but it wont upload for some reason and I completely for got to picture the final product. There aren't even any crumbs as it was all wrapped and popped in a box and is winging its way to my husband. He says it's starting to warm up out there now so I hope it arrives before it gets too hot!

I also helped lots of women to make their own bracelet at our Tuesday for Women group. The beads and charms and the elastic were all supplied by the amazing Juliet at Spoilt Rotten Beads. The ladies all had a lot of fun and here is a little peek at the finished products some of them created.
Last Sunday we went to a christening and dare I say it I thought my boys scrubbed up quite well.
And behaved remarkably well too considering church on a Sunday morning is to be honest not our norm.
Apparently blogger is not going to let me have any more pictures tonight so I shall have to save the rest of my pics for another post.
I must try and catch up with myself this week.

Until next time when hopefully I can add a few more pics. :o)


  1. Don't worry I haven't managed to post in over a week, to busy trying to toilet train a puppy and a toddler at the same time, I must be mad. Have a great week. xx

  2. LOL! Love it. I thought my toddler was toilet trained we just spent 10 mins 'pooing in the toilet like a big boy Mummy' and 5 mins later he tells me he wet his trousers. Grrr. :o)

  3. hi swap partner!

    message me at with your address - and some tips? this is my first swap and I don't want to disappoint! Sx


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