Sunday, 11 July 2010

Quiet week. . .

Things have been a bit quiet on the jewellery front after my busy week last week. I have started to make a few bits for summer which I must photograph and list on Folksy.
Hubby has been away on a course. He was able to come home this weekend and we had a fun day out yesterday at a local car boot followed by a walk around the lake to see the ducks and geese and even some crickets to my sons excitement.
Today however was awful, son screamed all afternoon, bar lunch. We tried everything from the mean Mummy and Daddy to the coaxing and even found ourselves giving him calpol after he worked himself into such a state. First time in a long time I had to use a syringe as he wanted to spit it out at us. Put him in the car to go to the station and drop off hubby for the next part of course and he was quiet as a mouse and fell asleep. Would love to see inside that little mind and see what is going on. Screams for Daddy, he goes and gets pushed and kicked out of the room.
So i'm hoping for a model child tomorrow after the devil was clearly residing in him today.
The washing machine went last week which was a bit of a night mare. New one being delivered on Thursday. Thank heavens for a father who taught us to save not spend.
As you can see not much to tell.
Hopefully there will be more going on this week and i'll have more to talk about.


  1. Children are a mystery sometimes!

    I was just wondering - I signed up to be one of your PIF participants and emailed you my address but haven't had anything as yet?



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