Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Toddlers Toddle. . .

Yesterday our little toddler group went for a toddle to raise money for new toys and some rechargable batteries for the noisy toys that never work. They did a spectacular job and all managed to get all the way round.
This is a rather tired little boy having walked the whole thing himself.
But we were very proud of him.
Unfortunately it didn't tire him out enough to sleep early or have a lie in and we were up and about this morning as usual busy wanting to read and do puzzles and have juice!

We think we have raised something like £90 so that should go a little way to acquiring some new things.



  1. That's a pretty good amount! What a nice idea... x

  2. They were so good. There were a few of us, the regulars . . . (saying that I tapped our family for a third of that. lol)
    But the kids were really excited to do it. They were picking up leaves and playing together as they went round. They actually walked for about an hour and some were only 18mth! Amazing what you can get up to on a nice sunny day. lol


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