Friday, 5 June 2015

Is it or isn't it. . .

Summer that is. Cold one day 26+ the next. Hot in the morning, jumpers at lunch time and 25 by school run time. I do wish it would make up it's mind. Yesterday I wore a bright summery outfit in an attempt to encourage the nice weather and I received some lovely compliments.
The skirt is a new look pattern, the fabric was from a shop in one of our local villages. It was on sale so I thought it would be rude not to take any home with me.
In other news I have been clearing out the cupboards in an attempt to de clutter our space, I have been putting a lot aside for one of our preschool Mums who collects and fills boxes for Skoolz4kids. Preschool has been sponsoring a child since we have been there and we have provided a few bits for the child but this Mum fills boxes to be distributed to other people in the village as well as the sponsored family. I took a look at the website and some of the pictures are very humbling.

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