Thursday, 21 May 2009

Top 5 Buttons Finds

I have decided today is button day and I have been looking around at various buttons and button items to share with you.
Why buttons, I don't really know but they do seem to be making a bit of a come back.
My first find was this lovely button purse from Tomato Tea.

I love it, so simple and so effective.
Then I discovered this fantastic colourful bracelet from Chiyo's. WOW!!!

I love these glass buttons from SteamPunk Glass. Such pretty colours hidden inside.

I went on to discover these sweet cupcakes from jellybelly*jellybrain which are perfect for my cake making friend. Roll on her birthday so I have an excuse to buy them for her.
Come on you have to agree they do look good enough to eat. . . .
My final find for the day which I absolutely love is but then I am a bit of a sucker for Moolimoos buttons. . .

All of these fantastic items came up within the first five pages of a Folksy 'BUTTON' search.
So as you can see I have had a wonderfully productive afternoon and will now be off to join some friends for the remainder of the evening.
Happy 'BUTTON' Day everyone.


  1. Hi! Just checked back to see if you had read my comment yet and obviously you have! Blog looks great! Any more Q's, just ask...I love paying around with my blog!
    Lou XX

  2. Hello thx for including me on your blog, i've only just seen it, soo glad you like it!!!
    Becky xxx


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