Saturday, 30 May 2009

Fairytale Afternoon

So after a brief trip to the park where we swung, slid and see sawed for as long as you can take at 10 months old we decided to go to the lake. I was only half concentrating when I saw Iggle Piggle at the road side on the way and assumed someone was having a party.

We had a lovely walk round the lake and back and my son helped with my ice cream. (See the trace smeared round his mouth). On the way back I took a slower drive through the village and realised it was more than just a party as Iggle Piggle had been joined by Homer Simpson on the opposite side of the road. I stopped for a quick photo as I was so intrigued. As I went round the next corner I came across Little Red Riding Hood, a Lion a Witch and a Wardrobe with someone climbing in and then Bertie Bassat!

It transpires that every year there is a scarecrow festival in the village and at the end of next week the winning scarecrow will bepicked so I guess there will be a few more popping up over the next few days. (I'll keep you posted!)

Other news is I have created a bracelet this evening from some of the beads I received in my suprise swap. Pictures to follow.
Finally I wanted to bring to your attention a couple of competitions open to all. The first is for a lovely corsage made by the very talented NiftyThrifty this competition is available on jijikiki's blog
The second is for a very funky sailor theme necklace from funky junk jewellery to enter just visit her blog.

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