Thursday, 4 June 2009


It has been a pretty busy few days with one thing and another and I haven't had a lot of chance to get on the internet. We've had days out and shopping trips and baby groups galore. Then at the weekend we have a hen trip and a night out which I am greatly looking forward to as the in laws are taking the baby and I am getting a night off!

I made a lot of fairy wands on Monday for the Northwold carnival but forgot to take pictures to show you. However I was also asked to make a dragonfly bracelet for a 30th present and as there were a few beads left over I added a pair of earings in for good measure.

We saw the birthday girl on Tuesday and she was very pleased with it. We are off to baby group shortly so I will have to stop rambling for now. I hope you are all having a good week.


  1. Hope the birthday girl loved her handmade dragonfly bonanza. Looks wonderfully colourful and do I see sparkles too??

  2. Oh yes they were sparkly dragonflies. It was great fun to make because of the colours!

  3. I love the bracelet! And we must get round to visiting a toddler group soon! Thanks for following :) Vic


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