Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Elephantitis. . .

I was watching twitter earlier and there was a post from Zoe Sharp Crafts. She has made a beautiful elephant from some fab 70's material. You will recognise the pattern from somewhere!Any way it started me thinking about elephants. My favourite animal was always the elephant and then my mum started collecting them several years ago and we had a shelf full all created from different materials.
My son's godmother also happens to be a big elephant fan, her living room is full of them. Much to her husbands horror as he prefers eagles. (LOL).
So I have had a little rummage on Folksy and sen what I could find in the way of these magnificant animals. I love this little fellow from Melody Makes It.
He looks like he needs a comfy cushion on a chair in the corner, or maybe a spot by the bed.
And I absolutely love this make up bag from Girl of the Sixties. It not only has elephants on but it is pink. What more could a girl want?
My next find was this ceramic lovely from Wiktorski Ceramics. He is a very jolly looking chap. Looks like he belongs in a large herd.

And finally before I bore you all completely with this obsession of ours I found a gorgeous, gorgeous pendant from Frill Design. It is divine. I love it!!!
Now i'm off to see if I can unearth any elephants in my bead box. I'm feeling the elephant urge.


  1. we had wallpaper like the top elephant - back in 79 I think!


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