Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Dragonflys to Dolphins

After the success of my dragonfly charm bracelet set I spent the morning on a commision which stemmed from it. A dolphin charm bracelet and earring set. I hope it is received as well.

I have also entered the world of Twitter. Come along and see me cheep feebly as I try and figure out quite what it is I am supposed to be doing there. LOL.

Other news is slim pickings. I have finally managed to get the baby to sleep and one of the fish is swimming very wonky. I think he may be headed for fishy heaven. We'll see what he's like in the morning. His face is looking pretty grim too. Ugh I am fine with the little ones when I have to fish them out of the tank but this is a biggie, where is the hubby when you need him. Bleugh!

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  1. Hi Fiona, was nice to finally meet you, briefly!
    i have fiddled about with another header which might be a little clearer for you, but don't now have your e-mail address! Can you pls mail me so i can send it over for you to see?
    Thanks Lou X


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