Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My son has got an infection. it has turned him from a fairly contented and docile baby into a constant screaming machine. The Dr assured me it would only last a few days. Lucky for him he was at the emergency clinic and I have very slim chance of ever seeing him again. However we are having a progress check tomorrow afternoon so maybe they will have more ideas. . .
I was a little disappointed with the results of the Northwold Carnival. It was hardly worth the effort, still it was an experience. And I have high hopes for the Weeting Steam Rally. Various ideas in store including a possible lucky dip. Must get making.
I have finally gotten round to photographing some more items today and have managed to upload two new items to my folksy store. Both charm bracelets. Hopefully more will be on later once I have managed to get the baby to sleep.
Here is a sneaky preview of the Dancing Dolphins.
I hope everyone has had beautiful weather as we have today. It really was gorgeous. More tomorrow I hope.


  1. I hope your little one is soon feeling better!
    Lou XX

  2. Hey - re: display board. It looked lovely at the front but the back was very Blue Peter. The board itself is made from foam filled board (which you can buy from craft shops), covered in some fabric I found in a mill shop. Then I gaffer taped a tinfoil roll (the carboard bit) to a heavy iron recipe book stand, and used more gaffer tape to stick the board to that contraption. Let me know if you need pics. Worked a treat. Kat x

  3. Good luck with your next show. The charm bracelet looks fabulous - make more of those!!! Hope the tiddler feels better and peace is restored xx


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