Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Time waits for no man. . .

or woman!
I had all these plans for what I was going to do today and what I was going to blog about after my long abscence and it has all gone by the by.
I am hoping tomorrow goes a bit more smoothly and I can get it all in.
I do want to make a quick mention of See the Woods fantastic new zine Go Handmade. Sadly I am not in this one, I wasn't on the ball but it is a fabulous read so pop over and take a look. It is packed with interviews and lots of ideas of lovely things to make.
I also wanted to share the excitement that I am featured on AmiDesigns blog. My first crafting interview. A big thank you to the lovely Alison for organising this.
I am shattered after a very long and quite tiring day so I am going to bid you all a good night.
I will leave you with a bracelet I recently made. I love the colours of these beads, they remind me of a bag of boiled sweets.

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