Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Spring Cleaning

I have noticed recently a lot of people have been having a rummage and a clean out and generally spring cleaning their craft boxes, drawers and hidyholes. So I thought I would bring a few to your attention. The only problem was when I came back to it I couldn't find half the original posts which had inspired me to create this post.
I even tried mentioing it on Folksy but must be dinner time for the folksers.

So the first site I would like to bring your attention to is the lovely Glue and Glitter's handmade jewellery page full of many sale bargains as she is having a good old de-clutter re-shuffle.

On a slightly different theme but also having a grand old spring clean is kittyeden who yu can find at http://all-about-eden-saraeden.blogspot.com/ she is clearing out a whole selection of bits and pieces go and visit her blog and find where to get hold of all her wonderful bargains.

As I said I can't remember where all those other bargains, sales and clearouts were but there sure seem to be a lot about. Maybe it's time I had one but where would I start?


  1. rofl - dinner time on folksy - love it!

  2. Thanks so much for blogging about my clearout !!

    I cannot believe how much there is still to sort through .... do you ever wish you hadn't started something ?

    Sara x

  3. Yes Sara, I do. I have so many new ideas and plans which my currently items don't fit into so they need a quick home, so I can clear my mind!

    Thanks for blogging about me too, if anyone else would like to blog about me, you can get buy one get one free on my sale items!


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