Thursday, 7 May 2009

More wonderful items from Folksy

I was having a little browse on Folksy earlier while my son was having a nap and I came across another lovely item. Go and take a peak at dark fairy treasures shop, there are some beautiful things there.

I am hoping the little monkey will drop off for his afternoon nap soon, we had a very busy morning at mums and tots and he is well overdue a sleep that and teeth make him a little grumpy.

I spent yesterday afternoon making 'Pocket Money Prices' for the Northwold Carnival so I am hoping to spend this afternoon working on a new project using some of the lovely beads that arrived in my delivery yesterday.


  1. Pretty necklace, hope you got a little rest this afternoon as planned

  2. About 5 mins. lol. I really am not enjoying those teeth coming through.

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