Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Broken Folksy - Fabulous Finds

As the listing option on Folksy is broken, 'Yawn. . . .' I decided to do a bit of browsing instead. (Not that I have any pennies but always good to favourite a few items for possible future presents), and I have found this fab seller with some wonderful bags.

and i'm keeping the shop in mind as I have a sheep loving friend, (yep she does live in Wales), whom I think may love one of the purses.

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  1. Hiya! in answer to your Q, go to your dashboard, and the Layout option. Then click 'choose new template'. Your template should be 'minima'. This should help with the logo prob. As long as you keep the HTML code in your sidebar ( I alwas drag mine to the bottom of the page so it is not seen!) your background will be safe. If you want a header, I can design one for you and send it to you to use on the blog.

    Lou X

    P.S. The background you have chosen is mostly black by the looks of it so don't forget to alter the Fonts & Colours settings to make your text readable!


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