Saturday, 4 July 2009

Fly by night. . .

I was quietly minding my own business last night watching some background t.v, waiting for the CSI repeat and making a bracelet when the cat came bounding in the living room. I looked up to see the biggest moth I have ever seen in my house. It was huge, at a guess 4" wingspan and 3" long maybe. I was wondering how on earth to get it out without the cat hurting it and didn't take a good look but it was definately red and black. I had a mild panic about what to do with it and called the neighbour who perhaps now thinks I am bit of an odd ball but did agree it was massive. He managed to catch it in a mug and let it free and this morning it had flown away so I am hoping it didn't get hurt in the evacuation process.
There was a photo but on a real camera so when the film is processed i'll add a pic. (Just to prove I am not a complete wuss and it really was quite big!)
I am now looking forward to another lovely day and am off to Hawkeden later this morning to join the VSCC for lunch.
Have a good weekend all of you!


  1. i'm terrified of moths and butterflies of any size-.- i think i would still be hiding.

  2. That really is pretty big! I have a thing about colours of insects and little creatures. The colours sometimes scare me more than the size!


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