Sunday, 15 January 2012

Quite exciting and a bit of a hurry. . .

As you may or may not already know my husband is in the forces. You may or may not support him, thats your choice but it's his job and I am very proud of him and his colleagues and what they do.
Anyway the exciting news is we have just received a 2 year posting to Germany which will be a really good experience for us and the boys. I am very happy that we have been given the opportunity to do this before the German barracks are closed down and return to the UK.
The bit of a rush comes into it as hubby reports for duty on the 5th March which actually isn't that far away.
Excited very, anxious slightly, concerned about the amount of 'stuff' to do YES!
I am just going to finish my cup of tea and I am going to start on the garage.

Until next time. :o)


  1. what a wonderful opportunity for you and your family good luck with sorting and packing!

  2. Good luck and make the most of such a wonderful chance to happen into your life.

  3. Hi, I just noticed that I will be sending you the Travelling Craft box when it comes around, do you think you will still be in the UK? Cant find an email for you so perhaps you can email me? :)

  4. I hope you enjoy the experience of living in Germany and good luck with the packing!


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