Thursday, 2 February 2012

We're off on a journey. . .

Facebook is a wonderful thing. I have been sent theses pictures by my neighbour to be of my new house.
Front of house.
I have worked out the kitchen is on the right, the first two small windows are downstairs toilet and the third is the hall. I haven't been able to establish upstairs layout yet though. 
Huge back garden.
The garden is really, really long! I think we may need a new lawnmower.

Only a couple of weeks until we get packed up here and start our new adventure.


  1. Good luck with your move. The house looks lovely and the garden is massive!! Hope you settle in soon. x

  2. I missed your last post about moving. Wow, very exciting! Hope it all goes well. The house and garden do look lovely. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful couple of years:) Vic x

  3. Are you a bit scared?? and are you still going to be blogging from Germany? x


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