Saturday, 7 April 2012

And we made it!!

At last the internet here is up and running, I have been trying to use blogger with my phone but it would always freeze on the bit where I wanted to type. Not particularly helpful!
I have been missing my little corner of blogland. I have also been wondering if I should have a blog for the creating and a blog for the German adventures but I am not sure I would be good at keeping up two blogs. I know there are tmes when I leave this one for long breaks. What do you think?
The living area.
 This is actually the dining area nearest the patio doors and boys play area on the other side of the room. then behind me when I was taking the photo is the area we have made into our sitting room. It is on a whole other scale to the house we came from in the UK. Lots of hoovering but also space for the boys to play and us to relax without having toys everywhere. We had to make a special trip to Ikea to create the play area but I will show you that and more of the house another time.

One of the cellar rooms - My new space
This was actually the room I was most excited about when the housing guy showed us around the property. The cellar is divided into 4 rooms. A boiler room, a wash room, an odd extra bit and this room. I earmarked it straight away for a craft room/workshop. Apparently most people turn 'downstairs' into a bar or a gym. Well I guess I am not mst people. :o) Again more photos when thigs are a little more organised and I have things a little straighter.

The boys have been enjoying it here. We have found a huge soft play area the first couple of weeks of being here and there is a park outside our house. We back onto a river where there are plenty of ducks to feed and one direction will take you to another lovely outdoor play area the other to town and the ice cream parlour.

Yesterday I unearthed the sewing machine. We had a huge amount of plastic bags lying around mostly collecting on the bottom few steps but all over the house so I decided it was time to do something about it. When we were little we stayed with my granny a lot in the south of France and she had a sac-a-sac for keeping her bags in. This I decided was just what we needed. So I set about creating one.

The material was given to me by my sister years ago. I used part of it to make her youngest a dolls quilt one christmas. This seemed like a good way to use some more of it up. The ribbon handle was actually part of the ribbon from our wedding cake. I was really pleased with the finished product. I may even use the last piece of material to make a coordinating peg bag. I hand sewed one last year but a new one wouldn't be a bad thing. :o)
After my success I decided to branch out a little and attempt my first item of clothing. I had already decided a skirt couldn't be that hard and had bought a piece of material from ebay before we moved. I found a piece of 1.5" elastic in my sewing box and decided that was all I needed. I had to wind a fresh bobbin, something completely new to me but fascinating how it knew what to do and when to stop and I even gave the machine a little clean. I took my shiny new sewing scissors and cut the material in two. Sewed them end to end so the selvedge ran around the bottom of the skirt and created a casing for the elastic. Sewed it all up and this is what I ended up with. (Well actually it was about 5 sizes bigger and I had to open the seam and cut the elastic and re sew it all but after that. . . )
gathered skirt 1st attempt
I shall leave you with that for now as there is a lot to catch up on but I will be back again soon. Now I must spend some time catching up on what all of you have been up to while I have been internet-less!


  1. So lovely to see you back here in blogland, the new house sounds exciting and I can't wait to see the pictures, especially your workroom!!

  2. new house looks lovely, how lucky are you to have a craft room! so jealous :)

  3. Thanks so much for the visit to my blog recently. I will share the encouraging info about you being a 4 time cancer survivor. My thoughts will also be with your husbands brother.

    Looks like the house is a great fit for your new adventures ahead. Especially having a craft space is always a bonus for us creative people!
    Terri G.


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