Sunday, 15 April 2012

A make a month - Quick catch up

I signed up in December to this years Make a Month challenge. As some of you may remember I started off in January with a hat and scarf set for my son after being unable to find him an orange and black set which was what he really wanted.
Then with moving house things went on the back burner a little but in February I made a couple of sets of wine charms for a friend. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph them. I have others but these were a little different. I used more seed beads along with the charms rather than pearls or crystals as I have before. However there are no pics so you will have to take my word on this one.
Then in March I did some more knitting. This time with Katis Ondas wool. I found the instructions on the sheet a little sparse but after a few attempts and a little google help I was really pleased with the finished result. The pictures are not great today as I have had to use my phone. The sd card on my camera has come apart from over use!
You will have seen on my last post that since our move my sewing machine has put in an appearance or two. Last night I decided to mutilate an old quilt cover belonging to number one son and a towel of the husbands and combined them to create a quilt for number two sons cotbed. It was more fiddly than I thought as the 'patchwork' on the original quilt was all different sizes so after cutting out the pieces I was planning on using I had to rejig the pieces a little. Still it all worked out ok in the end and I was really pleased with the end result. I am even contemplating getting some real patterns and trying something a little more complex. So far I have not used a tape measure or pencil/pattern in my sewing so thats my latest challenge. It may be a while before you see the results of this though. :o)
So that brings us up to April. I have not thought about May yet. There are still a few days to go before I need to come up with something though. Maybe i'll have a look at my craft books and try something new.

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  1. that scarf is really pretty! sounds like a great way to try new stuff!

    Beadingshaz :)


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