Thursday, 5 January 2012

UFO to FO!!

I have been trying to remember who it was that posted about UFO's but I can't for the life of me remember. UFO's for those of you not sure what i'm chatting about are Unfinished Objects. I had a bag full of unfinished things but the post that I can't recall properly gave me a boost to start finishing things off. 
Mini pictures to Xmas tags
I think I started Peter Rabbit way back when I was a little girl and I was learning to cross stitch so about 23/4 years ago perhaps. I was gutted I didn't have a card quite the right size to make him into a tag as I did with the other two but he sat in the top of Dad's stocking much to the boys delight.
The other two I started much more recently though still sometime ago. Probably about 2004. They went down very well as gift tags from Father Christmas.

Sampler and Bookmark
The little sampler needs a frame to finish it off. Again I started this when I was quite young maybe 9? I am really not sure but a good 23/4 years ago again. The bookmark I started about 10 or 11 years ago and lost interest in. I finished it for the Advent swap and in my haste to post the package forgot to post it. I need to mount it and get it posted as I don't really know any other Jenny's.
Neices birth sampler - Started 2001
Finally this Peter Rabbit picture. It's from a kit by Anchor but I adapted it for my own use. I first made my nephew a birth announcement for a GCSE project and then I found myself with a niece whom I created a Beatrix Potter scene for. My nephew then had a little brother who received a Noddy creation and his younger sister a washing line of dolls clothes in pretty girls colours. This is only 10 years late for my neice and I have just started an elephant picture for my nephew, after that I have two more nephews and my own two boys to create for. And all because I needed a project for my textile GCSE!
It has made a little dent in my pile of UFO's and I'm looking forward to finishing off some more. It's not all cross stitch but I do have a lot of it tucked away.

Have you any UFO's that you need to turn into FO's?


  1. Wow, they have been going for a while :) Must be a great feeling to finally have finshed them after all this time. Lynda at laaLaa's originally started talking about the UFO's and I think that spurted some discussions on a few blogs. I currently have a knitted Christmas stocking and a padded kindle cover in progress but I am going to be finished both of these before starting anything else (thats the plan anyway!):) x x x x

  2. Well done for finishing off some UFOs! I have many from when I was a kid. I remember a glass painted clock and a fabric panda. I know there are loads more too! Vic x


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