Monday, 13 December 2010

Santa Days. . .

I was hoping that by now I would be able to say I had Christmas all wrapped up as it were but with delayed deliveries and things going out of stock left right and centre it's not been that easy.
We have had to make a few substitutions but we are getting there, two more to buy and lots of deliveries anticipated and it'll all be over for another 12 months.
We have been lucky (?) enough to see the man in red twice in two days with another two expected sitings this week. Luckily at 2yrs and 2mths neither of them noticed he looked completely different and had lost his glasses. In a few years we may not be so lucky.
As we are waiting for the pics to be sent through and as I just spent 15 mins trying to load old pics from last year this will be a bland post with no pics but I shall put some in my next post.
I shall try not to leave it so long this time.

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