Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year

I have been reading over the blogs I follow and all the recent posts from people about new years resolutions and plans they have made.
I haven't really made any resolutions this year. I think about things I would quite like to get done but nothing set in stone.
I have been inspired to try new crafts and to learn new skills just reading through others pages, I have thought about writing some targets down. Goals to achieve in 2011. But I just haven't gotten round to it.

I think about doing something and a little voice says 'Mummy I need a wee on my potty', 'Mummy help it please', 'Mummy baby Sean crying', 'Mummy I want something else, I want food Mummy'.

For now I think i'll just stick to keeping the house in some sort of order, being Mummy and Daddy while hubby is away working for the next few months and trying not to go insane with the terrible two's. I will however continue to enjoy reading everyone elses blogs posts on how they are getting on.

Good Luck everyone with your 2011 goals and resolutions.


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