Monday, 23 May 2011

Welcome Home. . .

My son had a lot of fun decorating this cake for the welcome return of Daddy on Thursday last week.
He also made a banner and hung a paperchain 'diary' which we made a loop for everyday Daddy was away. This went more than halfway round our living room. And when we sat and worked it out we realised that in the last 52 weeks Daddy has been here for 22. Less than half of the last year. Our youngest is 7.5mths and he's missed 6 of those months. It was a bit if a shock when we looked at it this way and saw what a huge chunk he's really missed!
But that is our life and we adjust to it the way we have to. . .

The cake is half gone now and my oldest is just getting used to Daddy being home. Luckily he seems to have readjusted to the change quite well so far.

Until next time. . . :o)


  1. So happy to hear your family is all together once again, what a fantastic thing to do with the paperchain and the cake looks very yummy. xx

  2. Glad he returned safe and sound, and it sound's like you are all really happy! It's no wonder the paper chain goes so far around your room, it was huge! Will pop and see you soon with the card class bits. Take Care xx


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