Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Blog Comments - Finally Got It!

Blogger has been very frustrating the last few weeks. I couldn't reply to any blog posts and every time I tried i't take me round and round in circles.
I've cracked it. . . . for all you fellow followers who have had this problem. Don't choose google account choose url at the bottom of the list. Put your name or your business name in the name section and your blog address in the url section.
Lo and behold it lets you post just like that!

Good luck. I know a few of you mentioned you've been having problems too.



  1. Thankyou I have been struggling with this for 2 days, Why has this suddenly happened, it's very frustrating ? Hope you are all well. xx

  2. Me again, if you choose google and get redirected to your google account page, unclick the 'keep me signed in' button, this has worked for me, and I'm commenting as usual again. Hope this helps. xx


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