Thursday, 5 March 2015

Craft with kids - the follow up.

So after my last post where we had baked, painted stuck and sewn I was wondering what this morning was going to bring by way of requests from my son. It was actually earlier than I had hoped for but not as complicated as I expected. It was around twenty past nine when I was still trying to catch up with myself when he asked me 'Mummy what are we going to do today like we did sewing and baking and our Easter egg cups?'. My initial response was along the lines of I don't know yet let me finish the job I am doing and we will think of something. Cue frantic brainstorming of something not too complicated yet still lots of fun.
We went for chicks. We have some of the funky foam you can pick up at Hobbycraft among other places and with the addition of some feathers and googly eyes we had two snazzy Easter chicks.
The writing at the top of the page was from Chinese night at Beavers. They wrote their names using a Chinese alphabet someone brought in. The chicks could I think have done with some feet in hindsight but at 2 and 4 we were happy with the results.
Tomorrow preschool is in the morning so I might get a crafting reprieve from my son. Or at least have time to plan something for the afternoon. The sun has been out this morning while there is still a chill in the air the weather is definitely looking up. We spent a happy 10 minutes bouncing on the balcony in the sunshine after having a story and a snack. It's almost like having a playschool in our own living room at times.


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your well wishes! It means so much!

  2. Really like the children's makes -made me smile. Pat x

  3. Fantastic idea! I'll have to remember that for a year or two's time! xx


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