Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Anyone for cake.

Anyone who knows me knows that we always make birthday cakes in this house. You don't buy a birthday cake you create it with love. That's what my mother always did and that's what we do too. My husband was new to the idea of homemade cake when we had our first 1st birthday, (actually he was in Afghanistan but that's by the by), but now he has come to relish the idea of cake time. He even made the figures for our second's Christening cake himself. We have often been found the night before a birthday or party up in the small hours trying to get the cake finished in time, there was a memorable occasion when he went to the 24hr ASDA at around 2 am for more fondant as we had run out and Thomas the Tank Engine was half bare. We have never been quite that bad since we did run out of green food colouring but I remembered a stash of fondant pre coloured which we bought for a minion in Germany, the boxes of pre coloured were new on the shelve and only came in a box of three colours red, yellow and green. The yellow was all used up but we had about 4 packs of green still. I think that must have been for Mike Radowski (?) not sure on the spelling the small green guy from Monsters Inc. There have been a number of cake tales and I am sure there will be many more. But I thought I would share my two most recent makes with you.
Following on from his Minion theme last year, (Minion bowling), we had a request for Minions on a bouncy castle. I cheated and ordered the figures. He loved it.

Top shot of all the Minions. The party cake went down well. It was banana and chocolate with vanilla pillars. There was a slice left that ended up going to the birds as it had gone a bit hard.

The second cake was for the husband. The people were an added after thought so the size is completely off to the crabs but the original idea was for a rock pool and crabs, we then spent the day out by the coast with friends and had a ball. So I decided to add us.

Three crabs as caught by our sons on the day out and our daughter in a nappy which is how she decided to spend most of the afternoon. She only fell in the sea twice I think. And our boys on the edge of the pool. We were too big to stand on the cake so are propped up next to it.
I made a third cake today because two in two weeks isn't enough. . . As our son's birthday is in the holidays his party was before his birthday which is the first time it's been so far from his birthday so we have made a cake for birthday tea tomorrow too. I will try and remember to add pictures at a later date.
I must say one thing I learnt this time around was if you are going to make figures do them in advance not on the day. ;)


  1. Thanks for popping over to mine earlier. Your cakes are amazing....I too made home made ones for our family when they were growing up....and they still remember them even though they now have families of their own :-)
    Annie x

    1. I remember a lot of mine. I was thinking about them this morning looking back to how different my 7th birthday was but we both had home made cake. In fact we both managed two on our 7th birthdays for different reasons. ;)

  2. Awesome cakes. Look such fun. Happy birthday Leo. Happy holidays all. Love Pat x


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