Monday, 4 January 2016

Making for Mermaids.

My daughter spent the week before Christmas walking around with a pad, writing her list for Ho ho and the Mermaid. On asking who the mermaid was I was told she was a friend, she was coming to tea, we didn't have a name or an address. Our friend the mermaid has popped up a few times since Christmas and friends of ours found a mermaid bath toy which went down a treat.
So with an upcoming birthday this weekend I thought I would tackle the free pattern for a mermaids tail blanket on Made for Mermaids. She has other things that look fun too but that's for another day.
I had a nice spotty fleece I had bought from MyFabrics a few years back with the intention of using it for a blanket, only I ended up using a lilac fleece instead. This I decided would be good for the main body piece. The left over lilac would be the tail and the top. However when I came to it I found I didn't have the required amount of lilac so I decided to wing it. I had enough for the width but I had to make the cuff thinner, as for the tail end I folded the fabric to allow the biggest piece possible and cut a tail shape free hand. I used the suggested amount of fleece for the main section and trimmed it down to fit the tail in a similar fashion to the pattern but again I winged it. ;)
It's too long to get a good picture of here but she is in the other room.

Sewing it together was really easy and fuss free. I opted not to sew the scale effect on mine as the lilac fleece is quite thin and I didn't want to wreck it but I topstitched around the tail and also around the cuff to main body just because I could really.
It turns out the suggested amount of fabric makes a massive blanket and this is the small size however that just means lots of growing room. All in all as a mostly winged but based on pattern I was really pleased with this project and it didn't take too long at all to sew. I just hope the little mermaid fan is happy when she opens it this weekend.


  1. Hi, love the mermaid tail, I'm sure your daughter loved it!! Just popped over to see you, I'm your swap partner via MadAboutBags 'send a little love' swap! Not sure how to contact you :)

    1. Hi. I hope you have seen my post on your blog. I have tried to email you. :)


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