Tuesday, 15 June 2010


It seems to have been a while since I was here, we had a busy week. Hubby was away, little one wasn't sleeping much and jobs just seemed to pile up. But things seem to have settled down again now and we even had FOUR nights unbroken sleep over the weekend!
I had a nice suprise on Tuesday morning, the postman knocked far too early for my liking but he had a package in my name. It was a gift from my lovely husband. The package contained a selection of glass pearls, a mix bag of red glass beads, 3 in 1 pliers, a bead mat, gold coloured nylon coated wire and a whole selection of gold and silver plated findings. I have a discount voucher for the company they came from, a catalogue, an ideas sheet and a basic hints and tips booklet.
I made myself a necklace using a focal bead I was sent in a folksy swap last year. I have been holding onto it waiting for the right inspiration to come along.
(I'll try and post a picture when little one not asleep on me)
Then on Wednesday morning there was another knock, though not so early, this time it was an order I had placed for a few custom items. I made a memory wire bracelet and it was purchased by a friend of mine, she then ordered one in black and red and following that she asked for 3. so here they are:
First in bright yellow!
Next in post box red.
And my favourite mix is this bright blue mix.
I just hope she likes them too!

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  1. I love memory wire, I have chubby wrists and bangles made using it always fit really well - as in they don't cut all circulation!

    Thanks for joining my PIF, if you send me you address to TheFeltFairy at aol.com I have approx 358 days to make good! lol! xx


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