Thursday, 3 June 2010

Party Time.

I had a little bit of luck last night. I went to one of these parties where you are expected to get out your wallet and buy some overpriced object of non-desire. I really went as we were also celebrating my friends birthday and her hubby is away for a few months. It wasn't too bad, I ended up buying some fashwash which at least i'll use and the chocolate fudge cake was yummy!
While I was out I was able to pass out a couple of business cards to new faces i'd not seen before and I even picked up a custom order for some silver and peridot jewellery for an August birthday and sold a bracelet from the Folksy pages of my emporium.

So for all of you who had commented about the 'Golden Dreams' bracelet, i'm afraid you're too late. I may have to make some similar items as it did seem to have a bit of interest.
I really must get some of my new makes up for show. Perhaps after we've been out in the garden to play with Thomas and the slide.
Don't forget there is still time to enter my giveawy for a bracelet. Just pop down to the post below for entry guides.

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