Sunday, 10 April 2011

More Creating. . .

Today I had a bit of a fiddle with some large glass beads and some heavy duty wire and here is the result hanging in my neighbours garden with a basket on the bottom. It needs a bit of tweaking still but we like it!
I also need to mention Spring Makes Me Sing - the swap. While my parcel has not yet winged it's way to my partner I have received my own goodies.

The parcel neatly wrapped.

And the contents of those pretty packages.
My swap partner was Sadie from ebagsandgladrags it was her first swap. I hope she'll go on to enjoy many more. If my parcel doesn't put her off that is. :o)

Until next time fair readers. I hope your weekend has been as sunny as ours.


  1. That looks very pretty, hanging from the tree.
    Lovely swap gifts, she won't be put off by yours, I loved the swap I recieved from you. x

  2. Thank you Jacey.
    My neighbour loves her tree bling!


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