Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tuesday cooking chaos.

It's our local Tuesday for Women group this afternoon. As 'chair' I get to do lots of the organising and it can be a little chaotic in my house when we have a 'big' project planned. Today we will be 'Taking Home Tea'. A basic cooking class where everyone gets to take home main course and desert. I am pretty impressed that for £38 I have bought food to feed around 24 people. Both main and desert. We are doing a nice simple cottage pie followed by apple and pear crumble. I am a little concerned that we only have you're average 4 ringed hob to cook on and so many mouths to feed. We have a pretty high turn out expected. We went down to 5 people and we've shot back up again to 10 or 11 who are interested and come along.
I have never had so much mince and potato and fruit in my kitchen. The community centre will be buzzing this afternoon. I will try and remember my camera to show you some pictures of our chaos.

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