Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Looking back

I haven't blogged for a while and while I don't really have anything huge to share with you I thought I would add a few pictures of things from the past.
Last years home made wreath. Time to do another soon!

Our Boxing Day Snowiatta

The boys Xmas cross stitches

Christmas shortbread

Napkin rings
Not much but a little bit of last years Christmas to get us in the mood for this years!


  1. Snowiatta.. I love it! Did you make that?

    Thanks for your comment on the Crafty Pants blog! And you never know, a fitted stretch skirt might look really cute on a baby bump.

  2. LOL I did we had a Christmas Party at our house last year for all my family, nephews and nieces etc. We knew we wouldn't be in the UK this year for Christmas and a Snowiatta seemed a great idea. They loved having a bash on boxing day. It was like a second Christmas. We all swapped our presents and ate too much gammon. :o)


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