Tuesday, 6 November 2012

An Autumn Walk

Despite the chill in the air the sun is shining this afternoon so after lunch no 2 son and I set out on a mission to find the 'Quack Quacks'. I have to say I was a little dubious about the ducks being out on the river in this weather as it is not the warmest of days. I remembered to take my camera with me to capture a little bit of what we saw.
There is a real autumnal feeling about carpets of leaves

Hurrying on with teddy

The colours were lovely in the sun

Our river

More river

Where we normally feed the ducks

I love this picture - he was looking for leaves

The elusive ducks

They weren't as interested in food as normal

But we fed them anyway

The bridge at the point we left the river to come home
You wouldn't think that apart from the side we came from where there is a housing estate most of this is surrounded by roads and civilisation. It was a lovely after lunch walk. We followed it up with a quick play in the park and the idea of going home to draw ducks together. However he wore himself out and is fast asleep on the chair beside me so I thought I'd share our walk with you instead.
I think we went at the right time. It looks a little grey out there now.

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  1. beautiful photos! i love leaves!

    chloe xo



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