Sunday, 28 October 2012

Impromptu Friday Night . . .

The darkest sale room ever. . . 
It was Wednesday night when the prospect of a stall on Friday night occurred. Short notice. . . just a little. But I have lots of pre made jewellery from the Christmas season last year as we moved here early in the year  so I wasn't too concerned about filling my table. I made up a few extra sets of wine glass charms and some Christmas themed earrings and away we went. It was the worst venue ever for a stall. It was in a bar ergo one assumes there will be some sort of lighting. No we are informed the lights don't work. There were a few coloured disco lights at the far end, not close enough to do any good and there was a strange orange light that came on and off periodically. The lady next to me had four night lights and four tea lights on her table so there was a little light and there were some dull safety lights on but the main lights were a definite no show.
I was lucky I still managed to make a few pennies. The lady across from me was one of three selling cushions, we paid 5€ a stall and had to donate a raffle prize, she bought a drink at the bar for 4€ and took 2€ on her stall. I made my money back and more and being a skinflint I took a bottle of coke and a plastic cup and two packs of crisps from home. I spent nothing other then my table fee and a donation of some earrings for the raffle. 
Shell pendant

Pearly Queen bracelet

Pearly Queen earrings
These were a few of the beauties that sold. Several sets of lass charms and Christmas earrings were also favoured.
So that was my impromptu evening. How did you spend yours? 


I love to hear your comments and your experiences.