Monday, 15 October 2012

Tales from the bus stop. . .

Now I don't know about you but our school bus stop is an interesting place. It's the one time you will get most of the estate together whether they like it or not. Living on a British estate in the middle of a German town means that you get to know your neighbours to some extent and they are of course not always people you would befriend 'in the real world'. But this is our world and it jiggles along sometimes better than others.
I have only been visiting the bus stop for about five weeks and to start with I have to admit I didn't pay a lot of attention to the ways of the bus stop more to the mothering of a little boy who wasn't really sure he wanted to go to school on a big boy bus. We had tears and shakes and I went home the first day feeling awful. I smiled until my mouth hurt and the minute the bus pulled away and I could get back inside I sat on the stairs in tears and ended up calling my Mum as we all know Mum's are a cure for everything!
By the end of the first week we were down to a wobble of the chin and now we are climbing on and chatting to the little boy on the seat behind and the little girl who sits next to us and waving happily as the bus pulls away.
The first three weeks were staggered start so we dropped off and collected at different times to the mainstream children so the crowd was thin and everyone nodded at everyone else politely. Then the full time trips started.
This change of perspective from him has left me lots of time to appreciate the intricacies of 'The Bus Stop'!
Our estate is one road with bits branching off to the right and a park in the middle. This divide is noticeable as you stand on the grass waiting you will see the Mum's mostly wander down and stand in the same places everyday. As if they were allotted spots. There are four or five in a huddle at one end, a group who seem to expand regularly at the other. A few pairs chatting and the odd one or two who stand aside and watch as the tales of the bus stop unfold before them.
I haven't met a lot of these people before as we are still fairly new to the estate compared to some of the others and a few moved here after us but have been in the area elsewhere before. It is a little like a school playground for adults.
I noted one new lady and her children chatting with one of the women who keeps herself to herself after some bad experiences and the 'mouths' as we shall call them waved her over careful to exclude the other Mum.
Then there was the morning when I walked down from our front door and was halloed by the 'posh' lady on the estate. She isn't at all but bless her she likes to think she is a cut above the rest of us. This has led I have noted to most of the 'mouths' disliking her. I duly stopped and walked down with her while she told me of the fabulous £100 toy she had bought her 18 mth old for Christmas and the amazing Disney plastic she had bought her four year old that could have cost £24 or £100, (which it did she dropped in), but it will be worth it to see her face, then I was dropped as someone who is obviously considered more interesting appeared.
It was this morning I really noticed the divides.
I had heard it was a difficult place to be but I noted how especially if you were a little shy or nervous what an awful experience it could become.
This morning however I enjoyed my little walk. I chatted with the token Dad who always turns up with his son and with one of the women from further along my stretch. It was nice to have a bit of adult conversation with someone other than my lovely hubby. Since I don't go to the pre school any more I realised I have lost most of my contact with other adults.
I don't really have a suitable picture for this post. I will try and find one for next time.
How do your mornings go? ;o)


  1. My little darlings are all grown now, but, it is funny how people are pretty much the same lol. I was never one of the 'in' crowd in fact I dreaded having to make polite conversation to people especially as I knew if their friends turned up they would ignore me. I was more than happy to drop off the children and leg it! Sue x

    1. Ha ha. I am not in any of the gangs. I think I am going to be my own gang with said token dad and anyone else who fancies talking to us. But it is interesting to people watch sometimes. :o)

  2. I don't have kids so I've never experienced this, but it sounds like the school playground - where I was very much the outsider, so I can picture your bus stop quite well lol :)

    1. LOL. It really is a school playground. I am waiting to be gossiped about because token Dad and I have taken to chatting in the morning. I happen to be friends with the family but I can still picture tongues wagging! ;O)


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