Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Winners all around

I was very lucky to win a give away recently over on a fellow bloggers page. Do pop over and visit to see what a lovely blog it is. 
A magazine and a free gift!
It was lovely to receive something in the post that wasn't a bill that was for me!
And this week I gave away a bracelet on my facebook page. It was won by a lady I knew in the UK who always supported my efforts and was very pleased to hear of her luck.
The other winner this week was the cake I made very last minute for our friends son's 16th. She had ordered him a cake but the woman had some problems at home that made her unavailable for cake making. My effort was not quite as impressive as the Man Utd creation she had ordered but his face when he opened the door told me that it was probably more appreciated.
You will notice we don't have 16 candles in our house yet, the 16th was the letter S the only letter that matched his name from our son's 1st cake last year!
Number one is off school with a bad tummy so we are not up to much this afternoon at Chez Christals. . . 
How about you? How is your week going?

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