Sunday, 30 September 2012

Another night. . .

Another trip down to the cellar.
We are getting a bit of a thing going now the Hubby and I. He gets his paint and glue out, (and I have noticed my tweezers/scissors/third hand/side cutters/daylight foldi lamp. . . ), and I sit at the jewellers bench my father built me and attempt to make sense of the madness that it has become.
It is a lot better now I have to say. The 'stuff' box where all the beads ended up after a project was complete is empty. I definitely need a new storage box. But things are much clearer.
I have even cleared a few bits out completely that I have come to reason I will not use. However much I think I could do. . . I have an album of odd bits on Facebook if there is anything that takes your fancy.
There are a couple of books up for grabs too!

I really should have flipped those pictures - sorry!
I have resurrected a set of drawers that I think we had in the bathroom at our old place. And have metal bits, wire, jump rings, chain etc in one, cord and elastic and plastic in one and the third is a temporary holding spot for the beads that need a new home but have been put in seal top bags until I procure some new storage.
I have organised and tidied the two storage stacks I already had. I have a box full of seed beads to look at. This is not an appealing task as over time bags have split, lids have come off and the nice organised colours they were once are not quite so clear any more.
This evening I made a couple of new items too. All necklaces. I had a variety of odd pendants that I have been 'meaning to use' for years in some cases and I decided it was time to start so I have 5 new pendant necklaces to upload pictures of.
Things are starting to take shape. Funny how long it takes after moving to settle in again!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Until next time.

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