Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A make a month

I have to admit I have lost track of where I am on the make a month calendar. I had a job lot at once to post about but not sure anything happened for last month. However I thought I would share Septembers make nice and early in the month. Nothing fancy this month as we have a lot going on. A little gift for our friends daughter. They are moving to the UK next week so we wont be seeing them for a while. 

A for Abbi!
I have wondered about a hair clip holder for a while. How easy would it be. Turns out very and I was pleased with the result. It looks better than I anticipated. It will soon be winging it's way to meet her when she arrives at the new house.

What have you been making this month?


  1. That's lovely! What a great gift :)

  2. For my make a month I included several new bits from my new Etsy shop, and I am also making new cute stuff for the shop today, so for once iv'e been quite busy! x Your hearts are very cute :)


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