Sunday, 23 September 2012

Fit for a princess

I was recently asked to make some tiaras for two little girls who are off to a very important wedding next weekend. I haven't made a tiara for well I am not sure how long actually but a long time so I was a little worried that I would have lost the knack but I was really pleased how these turned out. The photography skills perhaps need a little work though!
What have you made recently?
I also fixed a broken necklace for the mother of the two little girls. It is very pretty and the clasp just needed reattaching. It would have been a shame if she had left it in a box as a piece of broken clutter!
This afternoon I am attempting to rid the living room of piles. We seem to have quite a few piles and I am sure there are better places for this accumulation of stuff.
Have a great weekend! 

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