Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Trying new things

I have been wondering about photos. I am not very good at photographing jewellery sometimes I get a freak shot that looks great but mostly it's a bit hit and miss to be honest. So this morning I thought I would try a prop. I found a tea light holder that my Aunt gave me years ago when we first bought a house. I am not sure we have used it as a tea light holder but it has always sat on the sideboard or the window sill as it is quite pretty. I tried to drape the jewellery over the candle holder and here are a few of my results. 
On the table with a busy background!

Butterfly pendant necklace - against the wall.

Close up against the wall - pink shell and bead pendant.

Glass heart - plain background.

Doughnut pendant on cord - think it needs more of the prop!

Shell and seed bead necklace using lots of the prop

Picture frame pendant.

Bracelet - not sure this works as well.
I am still not quite sure it's quite right but I think it is better than a plain white sheet of paper. It seems to add something to the picture. I think finer jewellery might get lost in the picture though.
These are all items I made a week or so ago when I was trying to used up the odds and ends that were floating in my box. Apart from the picture frame which was made as a project previously.
How do you photograph your items and is it just me that finds it such a fiddly kind of job?


  1. Hi there,
    Photos of products are so tricky! I really strugle too! I bought a really helpful book earlier in the year, though. Grear tips and inspirational ideas. If you fancy checking it out, you can see it here:

    1. I'll pop over later and take a look Carly. Thank you. X

  2. I never know the right thing to do with photos either, I agree that the prop wouldn't work with finer jewellery but I think the chunky stuff you have here looks rather arty pictured this way - I like it :)

  3. Wonderful creations but I have to agree they are a little lost because the stand is so lovely. I'm really struggling to photo anything at the mo cos it's so gloomy here...what we need is a sunny day!
    A x #68

    ps you might get more comments left if you remove the word verification :-)

    1. Oh grr I thought I had turned it off once. :o)
      I always mutter under my breath when I come across it as well.

  4. I agree photographing crafts is always tricky - they never look as good as they do in real life. I think its because we really need to touch and handle them to appreciate their beauty. Your jewelry is lovely. x Jo

    1. Thank you Jo. I go through fits and starts trying to make it work better and then going back to a plain background. One day!! x


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