Thursday, 4 October 2012

Anybody there?

I feel like I am going through one of those phases where I am talking to myself again. It happens from time to time. I try and keep up with as many of you as possible and comment on as many posts as possible and I appreciate it is time consuming but sometimes I do wonder if there is anyone out there. 
What makes a blog post interesting? What makes people comment or engage with what the writer is saying? What makes you comment on something someone else has written about a little slice of their life?
I am going to think about this when I am reading through the latest updates on my reading list and see where it takes me. 
As for what is happening here, not much today, it's dull, it has been raining since before I went to bed last night and it is still raining. The water congregates in a small pond at the bottom of our path and the car wheel is partially submerged. I was dripping when I got in the car after dropping off number one at the bus and and still rather damp when I arrived at the Dr's. The saving grace was 'The Big Brew Up' we went to after. Bacon sandwich, cup of tea and a piece of marble cake. Yum!
Take care.


  1. Oh we are still here. Life very hectic at the moment. Just about have time to read and catch up with blogs (only 600 odd to go!!!).


  2. I'm here too, I love a blog that is a little bit of this and that, craft, life, laughter and sometimes sadness. Although saying that I haven't blogged in ages and really must get back to it. Keep at it I for one like to hear about your crafty makes and what is happening in your life, I don't always have time to comment - maybe I should make more time xx have a lovely day x

  3. I'm here!!! I know what you mean, though. I go through phases of feeling like this. And I've ALSO been trying to work out what people want to see. My conclusion..... I've NO idea!!! My last few posts haven't prompted many messages. But my latest (about my new buttons - which I thought would be a bit boring for other people) has got 8 comments in 12 hours - a record for my blog!!! If you find an answer, please let me know.....
    Happy weekend to you!


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