Friday, 4 October 2013

Must be getting old and grumpy! RANT ALERT.

When did it suddenly become OK to visit someone's house, break their stuff and say it's OK xyz told me it's alright. Is it xyz's house I want to ask? Er no it's my house, my children's toys, brand new birthday gifts in fact. An apology and offer of replacement would be standard had it been my child someone else's house. And don't get me started on the lack of manners.
It seems a standard thing now to go out trash peoples stuff and leave. We always have a party for birthdays but I am starting to think it's not such a good idea.
And while I'm ranting birthday presents, same family gave one of boys nothing and one 5€ in his card. What makes one different to the other? I gave hers an Usborne dressing up dolls book and the oldest 10€ despite being distinctly not invited to the party.
Do I have mug printed on the back of my sweater? My husband is forever telling me not to bother with people but we live in such a small community it is hard not to.
Perhaps I should take heed and shrink my hospitality.
Well hopefully that little RANT will reduce some of the stress and irritation I am feeling today.
Thank for listening. :)

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  1. Parties at home are a lovely idea but can also cause havoc, my hubby refuses so we have them in a hall. I know we don't give to receive but surely you can't give one without the other. I think your husbands right time to cut some ties.


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