Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Making Time

So I can't remember if I told you or not but hubby and I have moved lots of furniture around and sold children's beds and bought bunk beds and had a complete over haul. The upshot of all that was I have a proper sewing space rather than the dining room table. I didn't ever really need one before we moved here as I didn't sew much before we moved here but with the purchase of the lovely Brother Innov-is 955 for Christmas last year I have found sewing has become quite a hobby. As has fabric hoarding. SO we found an Expedit unit on our local sale site and snapped it up. It has a desk and 8 cubby holes. It came with four boxes already matching the the boxes we had in our old unit which was just a bonus. Those boxes are now full of fleece, linen, wadding, cushion pads and all sorts of other gems. I still don't have quite enough space to store everything but it is looking so much better than it did before. And it has given me the urge to do a little bit of sewing. I posted already about the skirt I sewed for our youngest last night. I am still in love with the fabric and undecided quite what to do with the left overs. 
Yesterday I also made some coasters with interfacing in them. First time I have used interfacing in anything other than a shirt collar. And I was quite pleased with the result. So here they are ready to wrap.
And today I had a go at some snack bags. They look tiny as the fabric I wanted to use I have almost run out of and I had a specific person in mind when I made them. But actually they have turned out to be a great size for a handful or two of nuts or dried fruit etc. I am really enjoying trying out all these new things. 
In fact he could even keep his tees in them if he wanted to.
The final sewing make of the day I have yet to photograph as it is now in my sons room. As I said we have had a complete makeover furniture wise in their room. So I have made a small hanging tidy/caddy to hang over the end of the bunk. I will have to make one for the other son too of course but only managed to get the one finished today. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do as he used to have one of those mid sleeper beds with a hanging tidy on it. We used to keep a teddy and the current bedtime story in it among other things. I Googled for some inspiration/consolidation of my idea and was pleased to find several pictures of very similar things. I will endeavor to get the second one done and get a picture of the two in action. 

Moving on from sewing I am currently waiting for the resin to dry in a pair of corps cuff links I have made for a friends brother in law this evening. I meant to do in months ago but he went to Canada and I have only just got round to doing it now he is back again. I am hoping to deliver them tomorrow. When they are finished I shall take a photo to share with you. 

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