Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A cup of tea and a trip to Belarus.

I haven't been up to much recently. My son had his cast taken off last Friday and has been finding it tough to get used to walking again, he is getting there but at only 4 it's a lot to cope with.
We haven't been out too much while he has been readjusting. We went to Toddler Group yesterday in one of the villages and then this morning we decided to try out a new Playgroup. It is held in a church community center and both the smalls enjoyed it. We did a bit of painting, a bit of singing, playing and a snack. I think we shall probably go back again. Next to the hall is a coffee shop. It was one of those places you wish you had known about before. Reasonable prices, friendly staff, tables to eat at and soft chairs for relaxing in, the piece de resistance though was the children's play corner. Absolute genius. We shall definitely be going back there. :)
As I have nothing very exciting to show you I thought instead I would share this picture of a Victorian doll. It is completely hand made by my Mum. It is going to live in Belarus with my friend and daughter's Godmothers other Goddaughter. 
She has a cape, an apron, a dress, a petticoat, an underskirt and her body itself is bloomers and a vest, shoes, hat and earrings, Her hair is all done by hand. Hours of work and patience. I remember the first of these dolls that she made when I was a child, I have one, my sister has one and lots were made for charity to raise money for the children's ward I was on as a child. Since then she has also made them for my nieces and I made one for GCSE textiles. The pattern has been well used but is still going strong as you can see.
Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. Thanks for calling by at mine yesterday and for you lovely comments.
    What a beautiful doll. I make rag dolls for all the little ones in my life too so know just how they are treasured.
    Annie x

  2. The charming Victorian doll made by your Mum is lovely. Beautifully made. I like the patchwork as well. Love Pat

  3. Hi just wanted to say thank you for passing on the details of the youth cancer trust, I have passed them onto Isaac's mum xx


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