Friday, 20 February 2015

#SEWYOURSTASH - Are you taking part?

I don't know if any of you are on the same children's sewing group page I am on, but if you are you may have heard of the February #SEWYOURSTASH challenge. We have agreed to try and use up bits from our stash in an effort to sew more and clear out the bits. Some people took pictures of their stash and choose which fabrics to use but I have just been using as I came to it. The Izzy I last put on here was one of my pieces, the skirt on if was left from a dress I made dd when she was still tiny and a dress was less than a half metre. The top was from my Aunt, she sent me a box of her off cuts last year to use up. I have also made this tunic.
It started out as a skirt and then I decided to add a bodice as the fabric is left from a dress I made myself, I thought a tunic matching Mummy might be cute. This are a recent purchase I bought for a Sew Serendipity pattern. Then there was the shirt.
This has been in my stash a while waiting to be a shirt for #1 son. #2 son has a Star Wars Angry Birds shirt made last year around the time I bought these fabrics. I also made his little best buddy a shirt with different Star Wars Angry Birds fabric. There is hardly any of this left now. Next was the Hummingbird hack.
I made the bodice from the pattern and then added a skirt to make the tunic. I used a 1/4mtr of this paisley which I think is a pretty cute fabric. It came in a bundle I bought online while we were still in Germany. It makes her paisley collection up to three pieces. The weather need to be a bit warmer but hopefully spring isn't too far off. The bodice is the last of the pink fro my Aunt. My most recent stash buster though is this set.
The material has again been in my stash since last year. I bought it in Tedox in Gutersloh for 4 euro a metre, I had 1.5mtr to play with. My plan was always to make bedding it just needed to be done rather than planned. There is a pillow case with envelope flap, A cover with a piece of sheet for the backing and some free wadding for the filling. The sheet I think may have been one of mine from the days of a single bed and living at home with Mum and Dad. I had enough left to fashion two curtain ties, they are backed with an off cut of white also from Tedox and have ribbons for the hooks. I didn't have any rings but I shall replace them at some point. I am really pleased I have finally done this. I made both the boys a cover and pillow case while we were in Germany, (one with dinosaurs and a coordinating print also from Tedox and one with dragons and a plain backing from MyFabrics), and this has been on the to do list for a long time.
What's been on your worktable this week?


  1. These are all lovely. You have been a busy bee. Love the paisley fabric. Goes really well with the deep pink. Love Pat

  2. Wow you've been busy! I love a stash-bust, these are great items you've made xxx


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