Monday, 22 February 2016

First day of school

So half term is over and the small boys are back at school. Madam and I had an empty day ahead. Then Madam was gifted a bag of new story cd's and DVD's by a school mum at the drop off so she was set up for some fun. I had to let her watch a couple it would have been cruel not to, besides Sylvanian Families on DVD! Even I was a little curious.
And I decided to have a go with the Hama beads. We had a huge tub from of IKEA like beads and then we were gifted a tub of 10,000 Hama beads. I haven't used them since I was a small person and it was so much fun.
Rapunzel has since been joined by Ariel, my sons after school wanted in on the action too and made a Minecraft pickaxe, a Minecraft creeper and have started on a TMNT. I have added a panda to the collection for number 2 son and Madam has made a heart of multicolours, even the Mr had a go after work with his own version of a horror movie mask. Addictive little things.
I did stop to make a meal which was also great fun as I had a go at making chicken slices from scratch. They were absolutely delicious, plates were wiped clean and the leftover meat that didn't fit in the parcel vanished too. It's satisfying when that happens.
I hope you all had a good day too.

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